Are You Embarrassed Because You're So Late Sending Out Your Newsletter?

Are You Weary of Spending Hours and perhaps DAYS putting together your Newsletter?

"Discovered! The Super-Efficient Sales Director's Little
Secret to Increasing Month-End Orders, Re-Activating Consultants and Increasing Contest Participation while Educating, Motivating & Celebrating Her Unit and Potentially Having More Fun in her Mary Kay Business...Guaranteed!"

  • The TOOL is a monthly, consistent, polished and complete Unit Newsletter!

  • The SECRET is that you should NOT be doing this yourself, you should be DELEGATING this task!

The question is: Are you keeping in touch with your Unit members with a Newsletter?

We are not trying to replace your website, your postcards, your emails...but you cannot dispute that a complete newsletter filled with education, inspiration, motivation and recognition is POWERFUL!

And if you can produce that tool with an hour or LESS of your time...EVEN BETTER! Right??

I've been a customer for years and I have come to love the huge benefits of all kinds of virtual service!! PLUS...Oh! my goodness! I LOVE THE NEW FORMAT!!!

Pam M, Sales Director

You realize there is a reason that some Sales Directors have more time to hold appointments and have more of a connection with their Consultants than others...right?

It's because they have a RELATIONSHIP with their Unit members!  They are "touching" them in several different mediums (newsletter, website, email, postcards!)  They are building bonds...forging friendships...making meaningful connections! 

But how?? I don't have time for that! I'm working a a I'm a (mom, grandmother, college student, insert your life challenges here).

You may or may not be familiar with "UnitNews" - the newsletter solution for 1200+ Independent Sales Directors and 40 National Sales Directors with Mary Kay Cosmetics!

We have a stunning newsletter that we customize with your monthly reports.

A pre-designed newsletter...READY to print, email or post to your website. 

With just a few lines of information from you each month - you're ready to go!

As a retired Senior Sales Director, I wore many, many hats. (sound familiar?) I was office manager, chief cheerleader, event planner, Beauty Consultant, customer service team, tech support and NOW NEWSLETTER DESIGNER??  Good grief! There are only so many hours in the day!  So - my passion is implementing systems to assist YOU in getting you OUT of the office and INTO the field!  People are where your income is...NOT PAPER!

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What are the benefits of using UnitNews as your newsletter solution??

  • Educational  - We include motivation and training from high profile members of the sales force, leaders in the Direct Sales industry and pertinent authors and speakers.

  • Attractive - Our design is easy to read and appealing to the eye. It's very classy and doesn't scream "Hey, I have crammed everything I can think of into this one issue!" It is a professional publication to represent YOU, the professional.

  • Motivational - We recognize those important categories that encourage your Consultants to want to do more, be more and keep up the great work!! Wholesale Queen, Sharing Queen, YTD Courts, MK Anniversaries, monthly Birthdays, New Team Members and MORE!

  • User-Friendly - If you have email, can open a pdf Acrobat file and print...then you can use our system! We can produce a newsletter with NO INPUT FROM YOU whatsoever! WOW!  BUT, if you want to include calendar dates, a few photos and a monthly promotion - we encourage that too!

I love the extra articles and fillers you put in the newsletters! It is great wisdom and advice to pass along...of course all the while looking like I'm the one that had retrieved that. You make me look really great! I am impressed with your company and have and will continue to tell all Directors to utilize your service.

Candi M, Sales Director

  • Pertinent - Because we're MK-focused...we stay on top of the current promotions, products and challenges from Mary Kay Corporate. (Whew - you don't have to!)
  • Affordable - For just $44.99 per month (and the initial $15 setup fee), we're doing all the work for you! All you do is forward the email or send it to the printer to copy, print & mail! You can upgrade to more customization just for $10 more for Cadillac Service, or choose UnitNotes, a 2-page newsletter option for only $21.99 per month (recommended only for units with 40 unit members or less) -- CLICK HERE to see the difference between the Services.

Sounds great, but I really don't want to spend the money to delegate my newsletter.

I hear you...but let me ask you this...

  • What product in the Mary Kay line would you have to sell ONE of to pay for an entire month of service with your profit?

  • How many sales appointments or inventory coaching calls could you do in the time it normally takes to do your newsletter?

  • Does your newsletter project the professional image of an executive position or does it seem "homemade?"

  • Is your newsletter getting out consistently each month at the same time?

  • Could you be spending the time you are now spending on your newsletter with your children, your spouse, your team, on the phone?

Very convincing...but I have an office why spend the extra money?

Great question...

  • How long does it take your assistant to do your newsletter? How much do you pay her per hour? Total that up.

  • Even if she's fairly quick...are you still teaching her the company promotions, where to find training, what to include? (If you're still "overseeing" the newsletter, then you haven't really delegated it completely.

  • Is she spending time on that instead of time with weekly summaries, customer service phone calls, Unit communication, etc?

  • Many, many times - our clients have found that it is MUCH MORE expensive to have an assistant produce the same newsletter that we do -- simply because we have systems on our side.

LOVE THE NEW DESIGN OF THIS NEWSLETTER!!!!!! This is AWESOME! It is such a refreshing look. I cannot wait to mail it out to the Unit!

Lynne F, Sales Director


But... I don't want my newsletter to look like everyone else's!

I'm kind of a "lone ranger" most of the time too...but

  • Are your Consultants reading the newsletter from other Units?

  • Isn't the Applause the same for each and every Beauty Consultant, Sales Director and NSD?

  • Consultants are most excited about THEIR names, THEIR challenges and THEIR recognition. They don't know (or care) how all of the "Director stuff" works until they get to that position. They don't care if your newsletter is similar to anyone else's. No one else's has THEIR name it it.

  • Your Director Suit is the same's not taking away from your individuality. It is a symbol of your professionalism.

  • Using systems is really smart - when you do have a Consultant that wants to move up, she will likely be overwhelmed with all that your job entails...she will be so relieved when you have delegation and systems in place to set her up for success!

What kind of specials do you have going on? Another company offered me a free month....

Super! If you are shopping based on price tag -- then check them out!   However,

  • We are the largest in the business specializing in Mary Kay Unit newsletters. We have a large team dedicated to working with you.

  • We have not changed our pricing in 5+ years.

  • We have an updated, sleek design -- compatible with the marketing branding and design overhaul that MK Corporate is implementing as well. Sleek, pink, black and polished!

  • There is no long-term commitment to working with UnitNews -- however, we've had many of the same clients for 4, 5 & 6 years!

This sounds great! How do I pay you?

Great questions...(we love working with sharp women like you!)

  • We accept MC/Visa/Disc/AmEx and we bill automatically at enrollment and again on the 3rd of each month for publication of that month's newsletter.

  • All billing is done prior to publishing so we can budget staff, resources, etc.

  • We do not accept checks or money orders, only online payment methods. This saves money overall and helps us keep our costs affordable.

My friends will want to know about this!

We love to share great news, don't we?

  • We have a generous referral policy! For every client you send to us that signs get $10 on your account towards your next newsletter!

  • There is NO LIMIT to the number of referrals you can have!

  • You even get a bonus gift when you suggest to friends that they check out our sample (more details in a bit...)


Monthly newsletters help you provide RECOGNITION, MOTIVATION, EDUCATION and INSPIRATION to your Unit of Beauty Consultants. This is VITAL whether you have 30 Unit members or 300!!

Each UnitNews newsletter can be personalized with your photo, Unit name, contact information, top performer photos and even a personalized note from you to your Unit! You might want to put in Unit meeting reminders or details about a monthly promotion. Minor customization as mentioned is included in the Basic package for less than $45 per month!  CLICK HERE to see the difference between the Basic and Cadillac Service.

GO Here To ENROLL Today!

In all my years with Mary Kay, I never missed ONE month of sending a newsletter! When I "found" UnitNews in 2002 - I was SOOOO excited! I have referred all of my NSD friends and every Sales Director I know to this service! Get it done and get it to your Unit! You will be so glad you did!

Jo Anne B, NSD Emeritus


You need a newsletter for your Unit members and you need it done RIGHT...but you are BUSY! You are juggling enough things as it is with home, business and family!  And who has time to research for all the cool articles, handy tips and chic graphics?

Enroll TODAY


I won't compare us to other services...I believe our service stands on its own merit!  Why not work with other women that "think pink" and KNOW that your Unit members will find value in what you're sending them? I want this to be an affordable tool for you, whether you are a BRAND NEW Sales Director or a seasoned Elite Executive Senior Sales Director!

You are a professional. A Business Executive. Your newsletter should reflect that. It should be complete. It should be sharp. It should be consistent!

There are no long-term contracts - give us a try TODAY!


Order With Credit Card Over our Secure Order Form!

Don't Wait Any Longer to Subscribe to UnitNews!

Best of Success,

Paula Plato - Managing Partner


(214) 279-0031 Customer Service Hotline


P.S. We cannot WAIT to hear YOUR success story about how "delegation" & "communication" have turned your Unit around!


Request a Sample Newsletter

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What You Get:
Do it Yourself "One-Click"
UnitNotes (2-page) $21.99
UnitNews Basic $44.99
UnitNews Cadillac $54.99
Pre-designed Template
Reports from Desktop Office Manager
Eye-Catching Design & Chic Graphics
Training, Motivation & MK Challenges
8+ pages with up to 8-10 photos for "superstars"
UnitNews designed page featuring your Unit promotion or challenge
up to 10 custom dates on the calendar in addition to company-provided dates
Unlimited photos and dates
Up to 2 UnitNews designed pages featuring your Unit promotions or challenges
Minor modifications to template such as rearranging pages, reports, etc.


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